Swing Stage Scaffolding

Swing stage scaffolding is the most used type of suspended scaffold. As the name suggests, a platform stage is swinging from a building. Ropes or cables linked to stirrups are used to suspend the platform.

Swing Stage Scaffolding Uses

This type of scaffolding is ideal in high-elevation projects such as:

Swing Stage Scaffolding » Swing Stage Scaffolding
Swing Stage Scaffolding » Swing Stage Scaffolding

Although it is normally used in exterior building construction and maintenance, it’s also useful for indoor applications. It doesn’t need material support and is also quite versatile. It’s the best way to reach areas that are hard to navigate, especially for temporary work solutions.

Pros of using Swing Stage Scaffolding

Swing stage platforms are versatile, lightweight, and suitable for high-elevation work applications. It’s quicker and simpler to reach higher spots than other scaffolding set-ups. The material cost incurred is also minimal.

Additional advantages of this type of scaffolding include:

This type of scaffolding is proper when heavy-duty materials or equipment are not involved. Being able to pull the platform up and down enables faster workflow and smoother material transport.

Swing Stage Scaffolding » Swing Stage Scaffolding


Safety considerations for swing stage scaffolding

The scaffoldings from Oceania Access are guaranteed to have the following safety features:

1. Compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications

The guardrails and platform are inspected. The base should be sturdy, and the three pails are in the correct place.

2. Reliable anchorage

The parts of the scaffold and the structure to where these are attached must have sufficient strength. It must be able to support the weight of the scaffold and the people using it.

3. High stability

We ensure that the suspended scaffolds are correctly assembled and comply with the current standards. Additionally, we always advocate for good work practices and exercise caution for the safety of the workers.

Any issue on broken structural components, overloading, and extreme weather is resolved immediately. However, these serve as major roadblocks in achieving stability.

4. Appropriate use of the platform

The platform serves as the work area of the suspended scaffold. Regular checks help ensure that it’s always in its best form and the staff uses it correctly.

5. Protection from injury

Falling is one of the most significant risks workers encounter when riding a swing stage scaffolding. Oceania Access provides a guardrail system and personal fall arrest system to prevent this from happening.

We see to it that workers wear safety gear, such as body harnesses, hard hats, lanyards, and vertical lifelines. The system must also have connectors such as snap hooks and rings that are damage-free and corrosion-resistant.

6. Safety from electrical hazard

Swing stage scaffoldings are usually made from metal. There are times when these hang near power lines, putting the workers at risk of electrocution. There should be proper clearance and maintenance to prevent this.

Swing Stage Scaffolding » Swing Stage Scaffolding

Choose the most reliable Swing Stage Scaffolding from Oceania Access.

Oceania Access has a wide range of suspended platforms, including those that can be used in swing stage configuration. Our experience and skills allow us to customise the design based on the specifications of your project. We design our systems strictly with your requirements in mind.

Our team strongly believes in professionalism, integrity, and safety. In addition, we strive hard to give excellent service to our clients.

We are happy to assist you in having the perfect suspension system for your project. Whether you are working on a residential, commercial, or construction project, feel free to request a quotation. 

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