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Engineered Scaffolding Solutions

In addition to standard scaffolding, Oceania Access also provides engineered scaffolding solutions in New South Wales, specially designed to fulfil the requirements of unique projects. Part of our job is to ensure that the scaffolding used for a specific undertaking passes the company’s safety and stability standards.

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Special Scaffolding Services from Oceania Access

We acknowledge that some projects have requirements that stray away from the usual expectations in the industry. We have committed to rising to the challenge to come up with solutions to this type of work. Below are some examples.

Bridge Platforms

Oceania Access can achieve the desired platform height for the required working clearance to repair or repaint bridges. A stable working surface will be created using steel decking. This is specifically designed to match the scope and weight requirements of the project.

Pedestrian Footbridge

Oceania Access can construct a pedestrian footbridge with anti-slip coverings, canopy, and continuous handrails. We make sure that pedestrians will have access to stations and other destination points while construction, maintenance, or repair is ongoing.

Protected Walkways

Protected walkways serve as a secure passageway. These allow workers and the public to go through structures under development and completed buildings. In addition, the roof canopy made from steel decks and white vinyl walling is highly durable. These are guaranteed to protect people from the debris.

Hanging Gardens

As your reliable scaffolding provider, Oceania Access can design and build you a greenhouse or hanging garden. This will be made of multiple levels of aluminium sheets. A garden or vertical farm supports the proliferation of sustainable sources of food. It is beneficial in dense places and areas where agricultural land is scarce. 

Marine Scaffolding

Oceania Access is better known for its residential, commercial, and construction projects. However, we are also highly capable of developing scaffolds suitable for marine use. These can be used for different water vessels such as freight liners and yachts.

Engineered Solutions » Special Scaffolding Services

Suspended Scaffolding

Safety considerations for engineered scaffolding solutions

Safety is always the top priority in any project. Oceania Access always keeps this in mind as we design scaffolding solutions for our clients. We have several safety precautions laid out per local safety regulations and guidelines, including the following:

Why choose Oceania Access for your next project?

Oceania Access has built its reputation as a reliable scaffolding and access solutions provider in the industry. Our vast experience and outstanding track record serve as assurance to our clients of the following:

Engineered Solutions » Special Scaffolding Services
Engineered Solutions » Special Scaffolding Services

We ensure to take into consideration the client’s budget and timeline in every project. Additionally, we regularly inspect the equipment, systems, and materials to ensure that users will always remain safe. We also provide personnel training to make them qualified to use the scaffolds.

If you are looking for a scaffolding supplier for your next project, contact our friendly staff for a free quotation. 

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