Cantilevered Scaffolding

Cantilevered Scaffolding is another excellent service that Oceania Access provides in several parts of Australia. This type of scaffolding is attached or fixed to a structure at one end only. Cantilevered load-bearing parts are used as support.

Using this type of scaffolding looks risky. Oceania Access always sees to it that a chartered engineer designs the independent scaffold. A beam type of arrangement is utilised to ensure that the person using it will remain safe.

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Cantilevered scaffolding applications

Regular scaffolding typically needs a frame and base plate to lie on the ground below the proposed level of scaffolding. This is completely fine if there’s a wide area to build the tower. However, this will not work if there are obstacles, such as glazed roofing, sloping roof, or a weak surface. In these types of situations, cantilevered scaffolding serves as a cost-efficient solution.

Cantilevered scaffolding is pretty simple to erect. It can also support the usual supplies and average worker. In addition, it removes the need for frames and poles built in front of a building.

Cantilevered scaffolding is also known as a needled scaffold because of the “needle” (usually made of timber) that supports the whole scaffold structure. The needle is secured on all sides so that the scaffolding structure will not fall over. This kind of scaffolding is helpful in instances where the ground is not ideal for installing a regular scaffold.

What to look for in a high-quality cantilevered scaffolding

Oceania Access continuously checks the quality of material used so that the scaffolding will remain stable. Our clients are assured that our products can power through any type of weather. Our cantilevered scaffolding has the following features:

Cantivelered Scaffolding » Cantilevered Scaffolding
Cantivelered Scaffolding » Cantilevered Scaffolding

Safety precautions for cantilevered scaffolding

The team always takes everyone’s safety seriously. The risks in using cantilevered scaffolding are addressed with the following safety measures:

The area below the cantilevered scaffolding must also be secured during the assembly and dismantling. Additional safety measures like full planking, kickboards, and screening are utilised. These prevent the materials from the working platform to be dislodged and cause harm to passers-by.


Contact Oceania Access for the best scaffolding solutions.

Scaffoldings are useful in different projects, be it residential, commercial, or construction, but we understand that no two building sites will ever have the exact same specifications. As such, a generic quotation is not enough to give a clear picture of what to expect for scaffolding services.

Our team in Oceania Access takes pride in the quality of our work. We are hands-on, and we talk directly to housing associations, homeowners, and management companies to understand expectations. Then, we strive to tick all the boxes to ensure that the project’s outcome does not fall below standards.

Oceania Access puts the satisfaction of our clients as our primary goal. We commit to finishing assigned tasks on time and reasonably within budget. 

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