Installation of scaffolds for business and commercial establishments is one of the areas where Oceania Access excels. We made a mark in this industry by giving outstanding services and keeping a long list of satisfied clients through the years.
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Choosing the right commercial scaffolding company

The industry is so fierce that companies are doing their best to capture the attention of potential clients. So, how do you weed out a trusted and legitimate company from the bunch that are only after your money? Here are the top factors to consider:


A good company will always make sure that the work area is as safe as possible. An experienced company will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. Any risks identified will be mitigated by appropriate action.

Qualification and training

Business owners prefer to assign projects to companies with reliable staff. Proof of training and qualification is the best way to gauge their skills.

Range of equipment

Scaffolds may look the same to an outsider. However, some systems are more sophisticated than they appear. In addition, the range of equipment differs depending on the construction’s requirements. Not all companies can provide the equipment needed for a project but the established ones are more likely to deliver a wide range of tools and equipment.

Commercial » commercial scaffolding

Who do we serve?

The size of the project doesn’t change our commitment to excellence. Big or small, we always ensure to deliver the best scaffolding solutions for the following commercial establishments:

What makes us stand out in the industry

These are the reasons why our clients continue to trust us with their commercial projects:

We schedule a consultation.

Meeting the client helps us identify the type of scaffolding needed for the project. We discuss the different architectural and construction aspects of the scaffolding. We also check the client’s timeline for the project to make sure we don’t become the source of delay. For example, a painter scaffolding is created for light materials only. The masonry scaffold is built to mount, carry, and move heavy loads throughout different levels of the building levels.

Commercial » commercial scaffolding
Commercial » commercial scaffolding

Assembly of scaffolds is done on time.

Our experience in the business allows us to start the assembly and installation of the scaffolding immediately. As a result, we can finish the job at a remarkable length of time, leading to considerable savings in terms of time and resources.

We always stick to our client’s budget.

We have broad resources that enable our team to provide scaffolding solutions that are within the client’s budget. We can also provide offer suggestions to reduce the expenses of the project significantly.

We always deliver great output.

Our definition of success is not simply when we finish the job required. We also want to ensure that as we do so, we prevent injury and damage to property. The high levels of a building must be safely and properly accessed using the scaffolds that we provide.

Commercial » commercial scaffolding

Commercial scaffolding services from Oceania Access

Hire only the best for commercial scaffolding: Oceania Access

Working in high-rise sites is painstakingly challenging without the use of scaffolding. Therefore, the industry is vital for efficiency, safety, and access to any construction project.
Undoubtedly, investing in a well-built staging for commercial construction is worth the price. If you’re still unsure about the type of scaffolding you need for your project, call us! Our team in Oceania Access is always ready to share our expertise and make your work easier. Get in touch via 0404 870 005 or thru today.

Commercial » commercial scaffolding

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