Do you have a project at home that needs to be done at a great height? If so, we highly recommend getting the services of a trusted company that provides scaffolding services. Oceania Access is the right supplier to do that for you.
Residential » residential scaffolding

We are hands-on in every project we take

Oceania Access talks directly to housing associations, homeowners, and management companies. We make ensure that we have all the information needed to provide a custom-fit solution for our clients. We want our work to significantly contribute to the success of your project, and we will gladly handle the following tasks:

Residential » residential scaffolding
Residential » residential scaffolding

What we offer for residential scaffolding services

Oceania Access commits to render work that doesn’t fall short of expectations. We will provide high-quality scaffolds to help you finish your home on time. With safety features in place, there is no need to worry about accidents. Rest assured that no one will get injured from falling objects and workers. There will also be no spills that may damage the property.

Our residential services cover the following:

The main features of our residential scaffolding include:

Residential » residential scaffolding

The type of scaffold required

Factors to consider

Scaffolding is not a one size fits all type of system. Therefore, choosing the right type is crucial for project’s success. Scaffolds are grouped into three categories, and knowing each will help you make a better choice.

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