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Suspended Scaffolding

Oceania Access provides high-quality Suspended Scaffolding, a type of scaffolding that hangs from a roof or a tall construct with fibre or metal rope. Here, the ropes will lower or elevate the platforms to different work areas. This will enable workers to access difficult places safely and effectively.

Suspended scaffolding applications

This type of scaffolding is the top choice when the soil where the base will be installed is unstable. It is utilised when it’s hard to plant a base or scaffolding to the work site’s level.

Window cleaners typically use this to put decorations or repair the exterior part of a building. It’s also applicable for water towers, culverts, and dams.

Suspended Scaffolding » suspended scaffolding


Perks of using Suspended Scaffolding

Oceania Access is committed to ensuring that clients enjoy the following perks:

1. Economical

The costs will increase as more effort is exerted to increase a scaffolding’s height while maintaining safety. For instance, more material, time, and labour costs are incurred to reach higher areas. The same thing also applies if things must be shored up on the ground.

Suspended scaffolding will lower these costs. It’s simple and quick to assemble. It also needs fewer materials and parts than regular products.

2. Optimises productivity

Putting regular scaffolding would seem impractical if a worker goes towards the top of a building. A tall tower structure is needed to achieve the desired level to work on. Aside from the delay caused by the assembly of the scaffolding, it will also consume too much space.

Suspended scaffolding like a platform will change the direction of work from top to bottom. The scaffolding will simply be anchored from the top of the building to create the needed work area. This is a faster and more efficient solution.

3. More effective solution for unstable working conditions

Suspended scaffolding is the perfect solution if the ground of the work area is not in good condition. The unstable ground may not hold the scaffolds safely and securely. Thus, a lot of preparation work is needed to condition the ground for the equipment.

Unfortunately, these preparations may not work. The base area may not support a regular scaffold at all. Fortunately, suspended scaffolding will work well without any issues in these conditions. There is no need to worry about unstable and dangerous conditions if the scaffolding hangs from above.

Safety is the top priority in every project.

Workers must undergo training before they can use suspended scaffolds. The training must cover the correct use, placement, assembly, and dismantling of the scaffolding. Measures on preventing falls must also be emphasised.

SafeWork NSW commits to inspecting construction sites throughout the year to ensure scaffold safety. This includes talking to employers and construction workers as well as working with suppliers and installers of scaffolds.

Suspended Scaffolding » suspended scaffolding
Suspended Scaffolding » suspended scaffolding

Contact Oceania Access for the best scaffolding solutions.

A building site will always have a unique feature that sets it apart from other sites. Scaffoldings can be used in a skyrise downtown, a residential building, or a single-story business unit. A generic quotation will not suffice in giving an accurate estimate on what to expect for scaffolding services.

Oceania Access strongly believes in the value of our work. We coordinate directly with management companies, homeowners, and housing associations. We do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that every project is completed with the best results.

With Oceania Access, clients are assured that their residential or commercial projects will be finished on time and within budget.